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“Dan Kidd”

By David Lambrix, Texas Knight Reporter

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


Knights of Columbus Council 12320 of KIngwood, TX monthly family social welcomed “Dan Kidd” who has been the Executive Director of Shalom Center for eleven years and 364 days exactly (Monday). Dan has been leading mental health care organizations for forty one years in Ohio, Michigan, Florida, and Pennsylvania before getting smart and moving to Texas. For the thirteen years before coming to Shalom Center, he was President and CEO of Guest House, a Michigan based organization that provides addiction and mental health treatment services to Catholic clergy and religious, as does Shalom Center which is located in Splendora, TX. Dan is a member of St Martha's Catholic church in Kingwood and a member of the Serra Club. Dan spoke on what Shalom Center is and does and how it serves the Catholic church.

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