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Hill Of The Cross “Labor of Love”

By SK Eloy J. Uresti, Texas Knight Reporter

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


The Hill of the Cross “Labor of Love” is an outside area with 14 Stations of the Cross located on the campus of St. Joseph Catholic Church-Honey Creek in Spring Branch, Texas. It is used by parishioners to meditate, pray, and reflect on the suffering and love of Jesus Christ as He experienced His passion, death and resurrection. This area was created by a group of parishioners and has been in existence since April 17, 1984. Knights of Columbus, Council #8521, located here at St Joseph, has organized and maintained this area annually.

The Hill of the Cross Committee is comprised of Knights from the local Knights of Columbus, Council #8521. They have volunteered to organize this initiative and develop a permanent Hill of the Cross Stewardship Committee to maintain, preserve and improve the Hill of the Cross going forward.

Knights of Columbus, Council #8521, Committee members are Rod Garcia, Tommy Rubio, Mike Fadden, Ron Janak, Geoffrey Young, Dee McNeil, Larry Koteras, Michael Hands, Joe Schreiber. This committee with the help of fellow knights and parishioners have completed a 100% makeover of all 14 Stations of the Cross and area. This work has been ongoing since January 2022 when it was first discussed, planned, and executed.

On Feb 19, 2023, Archbishop of San Antonio, Gustavo Garcia-Siller will celebrate Mass and dedicate and bless the newly refurbished Hill of the Cross. Our Knights and fellow parishioners have worked tirelessly with their “Labor of Love” for our Community and Parish.

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