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Parish Burrito Breakfast Celebrating Community

By Larry F Loftus – Texas State Reporter- Council 10930

Vol. 4, 2016-2017

Fort Worth Council 10930 continues its program of monthly parish breakfasts.On February 5, 2023 Council 10930 held its monthly breakfast by serving Burritos. This program is a fund raiser for the Council but is also an opportunity to share with the St. Thomas the Apostle Church community and visit with the parishioners and acquaint the men of the parish with the Knights of Columbus.The breakfast is supported by our parish priest and is announced from the pulpit and in the church bulletin. This month the Council was supported in the preparation and serving by 20 members, spouses, and non-members.The Council served approximately 300 Burritos at the 8AM, 10AM and 12AM Masses. The monthly breakfasts will be suspended during Lent in place of the Friday Fish Fry, but will be continued in the following months.

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