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You Change Lives - - You & Your Council - - through your Charity

By Bob Goss, State Treasurer

Vol. 4, 2016-2017


You Change Lives - - You & Your Council - - through your Charity

Bob Goss, State Treasurer

We all have prayed for help at one time or another, was it to pass a test, get a job, or prayers for medical help or even when our health failed?

I remember feeling hopeless with a life-changing medical issue after returning stateside from the combat operations over Iraq. This occurred for me while I was in the USAF as a command pilot and only days before as the mission director of combat operations - - when the medical doctor told me I was blind, and now disabled. The doctor was trying to figure out if there was anything the medical folks could do to restore my sight. At first, Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio just sent me back to my base WITH LITTLE HOPE. I was fervently praying for help, not only for my eyes but praying to be able to care for my kids as a single dad. I couldn’t even see to cook, much less drive.

The flight surgeons and hospital commander back at base were callous and even got mad at me and my USAF Ophthalmologist for not accepting “You are blind, accept you are blind.” Luckily, my Ophthalmologist, Dr. V.J. Hanumanthu, and two civilian doctors said “No, to the pronouncement of blindness.” I remember the 1st of 2 surgeries - - my USAF priest sitting by my side until it was time, and we prayed and then he gave me the sacrament of anointing of the sick. Alone with the doctor, I prayed silently to St. Lucy and our Lord, asking for help and even asking if my recently departed Dad, a surgeon, could ask Jesus for help to allow my vitreous and retina surgeon to have steady hands and great skill. He did. This operation helped for 5 months until my damaged retina failed again. Back to no central vision.

The 2nd surgery involved deflating my eye and reconstructing the retina - - it was super painful - - but restored some sight. This was a miracle. I spent so much time in hospitals - - where I saw a lot of people in need - - praying for help - - just like me. Dr. Hanumanthu found an answer to my prayers by fighting the flight surgeons and hospital commander over him to get Dr. Michael Lambert, also a grounded pilot, but now a world-renowned Vitreous and Retina surgeon, to operate on me the second time. My kids and my prayers were answered - - I traded my pilot wings for three law degrees where I chose to help people who are praying and in need of help.

As an attorney, the generosity of Knights charities was demonstrated by one of my veterans as we entered the McAllen VA clinic for a hearing. My veteran was older, legally blind, with severe orthopedic and other physical issues. He normally walked slowly. As we entered the VA clinic my veteran paused just inside the clinic, he looked at a long row of wheelchairs and then began urgently shuffling to a specific wheelchair. A yellow wheelchair in the middle of a row of numerous wheelchairs lined up against the wall.

After the hearing, I asked my veteran “why did you pick this yellow wheelchair?” He responded - - “because they are the best, they always work well.” A Knight helped a disabled veteran.

Yes, a KoC logo was on the back of the yellow wheelchair. So, if you think you cannot make a difference - - your $150 - - does make a difference - - remember my veteran who needed a wheelchair. Fifteeh Knights x $10 each equals a wheelchair - - a wheelchair that answers a prayer for the disabled and prayers for an entire family.

How else can you help him – you and your Council

Wheelchairs – contact Bill Weber, yankeesweb@tx.rr.com, to arrange a wheelchair weekend

  • Raise $42,000 - - your council, district, the diocese can designate where the container is sent - - your parish(s), diocese - - distribute to those in need at your parish(s), diocese to needy and disabled veterans
  • Fill out the KofC Donor Form

Coats for kids - - Order from Supreme.

TSC Charity Pin - - $20, buy one for your priest - - money goes to TSC Charities - - CONTACT YOUR DD or Diocesan Deputy or Charity Team

Bishop Thomas J. Flanagan Fund - Grants for Retired Priests

Cardinal Medeiros Fund - - cares for retired priests

Special Olympics

  • 10784 - - PUT 2.5% of paid council charities
  • Individual and council donations - - USE either to Supreme charity or TSC Charity button - - do not contact other states

Emergency Response

Educational Grants

RSVP Program - - money for seminarians

Food for Families - Food Drives for families

Football Sweepstakes - - goes to TSC Charity funds

Habitat for Humanity - Councils can donate a minimum of $1,000 or 200 service hours

Helping Hands - Providing dignity, hope and love to all neighbors in need

Special Olympics - Working with Special Olympics affiliates, funding, sponsoring or volunteering for these events

Ultrasound Program - Maior Influence for Life, women view their unborn children

Aid and Support After Pregnancy (ASAP) - - Pregnancy Center Support - Adopt a pregnancy center and provide material, labor, and spiritual support throughout the year

Council Fundraisers - - money goes to the charity the council designates in the request to parishioners or the community. (If you state the fundraiser is for a specific charity for instance Special Olympics then ALL donations go to Special Olympics. If you state a general goal such as KoC charities - - your council uses all the money donated for the council’s charities).

Your Bishop receives money from the cumulative Diocese Charity

Finally, 70% of ALL COUNCIL CHARITY PAYMENTS to the TSC - - GOES TO YOUR BISHOP. When your diocese hits 100% of the diocese charity goal, every penny over the 100% goal ALSO goes to your Bishop with the 70%.

You make a difference

Thus, you as a brother Knight can individually donate or can lead your council in many charity options or programs and make a difference in someone's life.

You make a difference to those in need - - with your charity. Where you donate a penny or $1000 or more - - it adds up - - you help to answer prayers.

Thank you for all you do to assist others, your parish, your church, and those praying for a miracle. God bless you and your family.

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