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Christmas over Kaufman

By Christmas over Kaufman, Texas Knight Reporter

Vol. 4, 2023 - 2024

Council 11721 (71 members) just completed our "Christmas over Kaufman" program. This year's program delivered Christmas gifts to 492 kids, providing meals to 137 families which included 562 family members to Kaufman County. Food boxes included Mac & Cheese, apples, canned corn & green beans, potatoes, onions, bread and turkey. Total food quantities: Bread (137 loathes) & turkeys (137/1750 lbs), 274 cans of corn, green beans & Mac & Cheese boxes, 400 lbs potatoes, 130 lbs Onions and 400 lbs apples with a cost of $3,3200. We included youth volunteers and parish members to complete our program which started in September. More information and pics are available.

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