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Our Lady of Guadalupe Province

By Tido Peralez, State V.A. Chairman

Vol. 4, 2023 - 2024

Wheel Chair Turn Out

On Sunday January 21, 2024 the !st District of Texas, Our Lady of Guadalupe Province turned out at the VA center in Houston as supreme sent a film crew to reenact the delivery made in November of 150 wheel chairs to the VA Center.

Support of our veterans is in direct support of the Fourth Principle of the Knights of Columbus, Patriotism.

The State VA Chairman would like to thank everyone who attended the VA turnout.

There were over 100 patriotic participants in attendance, along with medical Doctors and staff. 31 Sir Knights were also in full support.

I would like to especially thank SK Bill Hoff and SK Charles Cantrell along with SK Christopher Peralez for helping me set up this event. A film crew from Supreme was present and recorded this event to send to Supreme headquarters.

A special thank you goes to our State Deputy Terry Fruge and his First Lady Beth Fruge for their support and kindred Love and Respect toward our veterans.

God Bless all of you.

Please continue to visit our veterans at our V.A. Hospital.

Arrive on or before 10:00 am to visit our veterans.

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